Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tamar's tallit

We had Tamar for an overnight Friday, mainly so that she and Ellen could go shopping on Saturday for material for her tallit that will be used in her upcoming bat mitzvah (a tallit that Ellen will of course make, as she did for Ben and Miriam).

We met her in Greenfield late Friday afternoon, where her mom brought her; then we went to the Brattleboro Coop, where we had a light supper, and then they took me to the BMC, where there was a concert (by a fantastic wind quintet), which was honoring former trustees (which I am). The concert was great and it was followed by a reception. Calvin brought me home. 

Saturday morning we had pancakes for breakfast, and then while Ellen and Tamar shopped, I went to Staples to do some printing (my home printer is on the fritz). I met them there - they had spent quite a bit of time looking for fabric. 

                Tamar and Ellen, at Delectable Mountain, the local fabric store 

Then Saturday afternoon, we all three headed down to Northhampton to the Feinlands for a belated birthday dinner for me -  another one ! - since they were unable to come to earlier ones. Ben prepared a great meal, and Max made a delicious carrot cake. Yes, Max. Not Max Baker. Max Feinland. That's right. Miriam has transitioned to Max. He wants to be regarded now as of male gender! He seems the same to us, but we are all respecting his wishes. 

Today, it was Earth Day at church, I led the choir in an earth day anthem; the lovely tune, BEACH SPRING (check it out on YouTube!), was introduced by Ellen on an alto recorder. After church, Ellen met Wallace for lunch (Wallace is visiting her son, Jim, in the area), and again, Calvin brought me home. Calvin is my Uber!

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