Tuesday, April 17, 2018


We got a heavy dose of freezing rain, sleet and snow Sunday night and Monday morning. We checked our emails Monday morning and did not see any cancellation notices so we went to our Monday morning  Osher lecture, navigating down our very icy, slushy driveway. Got there - lecture cancelled due to weather. You had to go to the Osher website to find that out, which we had not done. When we came home, the going up the driveway was really tough, and we stalled near the top, blocking the driveway. Some shoveling and application of ashes made it possible to get the car into a parking area and there it sat until today. We spent the rest of what ended up being a really lovely day sitting by the fire and listening to recordings of Chorale concerts from the 1980s and 90s. Really beautiful.

Today, I went out and did more shoveling and ashes (we have lots of ashes), and got the car up to the house and then went to do errands. Got back up ok coming back - but it was not easy. We went out to River Singers this evening and got back up ok - the ruts in the slush made by the tires are gradually melting. But the driveway is still quite a mess - the worst this year. On April 16th! It's impossible to plow because the ground is so soft, the plow just digs in. Oh well, it will melt eventually. It should be fine by July 4th! (Ha, ha!). 

               River Singers rehearsal. 

  Our snowy world, evening of April 16!

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