Saturday, April 7, 2018

Jesus Christ, Superstar

Last night's performence of JCS by a local community arts organization called Main Street Arts was beyond outstanding. It was especially stunning visually (sorry, no photos). But it was strong in every way. Herod was played by a high school junior and his rendition exceeded that of Alice Cooper's last weekend on TV ! We all enjoyed it a lot. Before the show we had dinner together (with John and Cynthia) at the Joy Wah - that was good too. When we came out it was snowing huge clumps of snow. Beautiful, but a little slick!

We got our power back today. Yay! This afternoon we had a 3-hour concert choir rehearsal. So tonight we are putting things back to normal at the house. No more cooking on the woodstove. Ellen said it was sort of fun! Like camping inside . 

          The program from last night

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