Monday, April 23, 2018


Yesterday, we had church in the morning and I led the choir in an Earth Day anthem. Ellen went immediately after the anthem to meet Wallace for lunch and Calvin took me home. I didn't have a chance to get the Sunday NY Times, for the Spelling Bee puzzle, so I decided to make one up for Ellen. I think it's a really good one - it's hard but interesting. But there was an unfortunate side effect. I was using a red magic marker and I dozed off. The felt tip of the pen rested for a while on my trousers - my favorite Sunday best! - and left a large red stain. Permanent ink! I doubt that dry cleaning will be able to remove it. Which is sad because I love these pants. I got them at the church's "Caring and Sharing" event for free, which is very rare - there's hardly ever something my size there. They are very nice, lined, wool slacks; probably were very expensive new.

                                             The stain ! 


  1. Maybe you should make more red dots all over...a new look?!

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