Friday, April 6, 2018

It's snowing again!

We've had our weather lately!  Wednesday evening, about 9;00p.m., a strong wind came in. We were coming out of concert choir rehearsal and the wind almost literally blew us off our feet. It was almost impossible to walk into it and make any headway! After we got home, at about 10:30p.m., the lights went out - we lost our power. They are still out, about 40 hours later, and Green Mountain Power Co. says that we are unlikely to have it restored before tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at the earliest. We know what the problem is - two huge pine trees came down just beyond our driveway and took out the power line completely. But we are not alone.There are trees down all over town, roads are closed and lots of people are without power.

Tomorrow will be too late for Ellen to do all the cooking she was planning to do for my 85th birthday party on Sunday! So after a good talk this morning, we decided to cancel the party. I am ok with that. All the alternatives -  like moving everything to someone else's kitchen - just felt too complicated. Why create stress to have a party? So we will have a relaxed weekend. But on top of everything else, now it is snowing! We have about an inch so far. What happened to Spring?

    Snowy view out the church window

We are fine at home, by the way. We are warm, we have both the woodstove and a propane stove in the fireplace that requires no electricity. We have found that the woodstove works fine as a cookstove. We have brought in water. We are reading by candlelight after the sun goes down. It's cozy!

We are meeting John & Cynthia for dinner at the Joy Wah Restaurant in Bellows Falls and then going with them to a production of Jesus Christ, Superstar in Bellows Falls. That will be interesting, I'm sure.

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  1. awww...but a relaxiing snowy weelend sounds pretty good. Love from Salem Mr. 85...