Monday, January 29, 2018


Yesterday I went to church at Star Valley United Church, and I found myself wondering if it might be my last time there! Paul is planning to have their house ready for the market in February, and it is not inconceivable that it will sell this spring. They would then move into temp housing locally to allow Max to finish school, come out east at the end of May for Tamar's bat mitzvah, go on a European trip as a family and then move to Boise, ID. That would effectively end our trips to Alpine. There are, of course, many "ifs" in that plan. But that's the plan.

I said nothing of this to folks at the church, of course, even Pastor Alan Schoonover, who I have come to have great respect for as a pastor, and who I regard as a friend. If I lived here, he would be a friend. He is five years younger than I -  he celebrates his 80th birthday on Wednesday. The church put on a pot-luck lunch for him after the service. He grew up in Wisconsin and went to seminary in Dubuque, IA, just a few miles up the road from Anamosa, where I went to high school. So we share mid-western roots. 

He and his wife, Dee, left today for seven weeks in Arizona. I do hope I'll get to see him again. 

                          Alan and I after church 

                                   Pot-luck lunch

In the afternoon I drove up the road behind Paul's house to check out its condition for walking. It's good - I think I'll try it today - with poles and ice grippers.

                                   From  behind Paul's house 

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