Monday, January 8, 2018

Spring in Bartlett

We arrived in Bartlett about 3pm Central time on Sunday. The trip from Toledo to Bartlett was all clear sailing. Today it was in the 30s or even 40s and sunny - it felt like spring! We went out to lunch with Maggie and Jerry and two couples who are friends of theirs. We went to the "Dogfather Cafe" which specializes in hot dogs and plays on the "Godfather" theme in the art work on the wall. Sort of unusual to say the least! But we enjoyed the folks - the booths only held four people, so the men sat together, likewise the women. Can't remember the last time I ate with three other guys !  I forgot to bring the phone, so no photos.   : (

Tonight my grand-nephew Damon Crockett came over for supper. A very fascinating guy! Ph.D in Philosophy but with strong interest in perception and visual design. He is currently a post-doc at Yale and applying for a job at, inter alia, Victoria U in New Zealand. Take a peek at   Visually amazing things! 

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