Saturday, January 20, 2018

Quiet day

Paul, Jenny and Max have all gone skiing today up at Teton Village and Ellen and I have a quiet day at home alone. Yesterday Max was home - a school holiday - and a friend, Aiden, was here all day. They played pretty noisily all day. Plus Paul was doing remodeling of the upstairs bathroom, drilling, etc. it was hard to concentrate. I was reading John's book MS, and then my new book which arrived titled Invitation to the Septuagint. It was snowing hard all day so I decided not to try to escape to the Alpine Library. Last night, PEM and I watched a Spielberg  film called The Goonies.  It was an adventure romp about four boys looking for buried pirate treasure right in their Maine backyard, with some very unusual villains after them. It was fun if you just turned your brain off. 

Thursday, Ellen and I went into Jackson, I got time in the hot tub and pool - great - and then we saw two really good films: The Post, ( then a snack at Whole Foods), and then The Darkest Hour, the former about Ben Bradley (Tom Hanks) and Katherine Graham (Meryl Streep) deciding to publish the Pentagon Papers - really well done; the latter about Churchill in 1940, at the time of Dunkirk when it looked like Hitler would conquer Britain and Chamberlain, et al, were advising a negotiated peace. It didn't matter that you already knew how it all played out. It was gripping. Gary Oldham's portrayal of Churchill is amazing. 

Old-time movie star display in theater 

Looks like we'll go to Boise next week. I've cut way back on pain meds and doing ok. My right shoulder is going to need some attention when we get home. I have to be very careful how I use it and have become a lefty in many ways. Getting in and out of my parka is especially tricky. But I do it! 

Today is the Women's March in many cities. Nothing here. Ellen is sad about that. We'd probably be joining others either in Brattleboro or Northampton if we were home. 

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