Friday, January 12, 2018

Some images from our trip

Here are some images that I have not included in my posts thus far - a motley collection:

This is a print that was on the wall of the breakfast bar area of a motel we stayed in - I think near Toledo, OH. It's sort of peculiar, and not particularly interesting, but what drew my attention to it was that there were six of them, identical, hanging on the wall together. I thought that was very peculiar:

         Six identical prints

One of our stops for lunch was at a Runza restaurant, which is known for their loose- meat sandwich. They had this promotion which I had never seen before: 

So if the temp is 5 degrees at 6 a.m. that day, you pay 5 cents for the sandwich. (They are probably still making a little profit off the fries and drink). I asked what happens if the temp is below zero? Do they pay you? No, it's just zero. 

As we were driving across Nebraska at night, we went by this amazing installation out in the middle of nowhere - not sure what it is - a refinery? - but it looked like something from another planet:

And finally this more prosaic image from Wyoming showing how the "wilderness" is dotted with gas wells: 

          This goes on for miles

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