Thursday, September 29, 2016

Where does the time go?

Sorry, blog fans! I have not been a very faithful blogger these past 5-6 days. I just uploaded a post I had started on Monday. Here it is Thursday! So what have I been doing? My "To Do" list is dominated by things I need to do to get ready for Betsey 's memorial events the weekend of Oct. 8-10, especially the memorial luncheon that will follow the committal on the 10th. I am preparing a booklet of tributes to Betsey that I have transcribed from notes, from Facebook, and from a recording of the gathering in Boulder. That is almost ready for the print shop. It contains scores of wonderful and often quite moving expressions of what Betsey meant to her family, friends and colleagues. It has been very comforting to assemble it. I'm making copies for everyone who comes to the luncheon (48 so far!), and will probably mail a few out as well.  A second project has been to assemble a collection of photos of Betsey  -  about 80 or so, from all ages of her life - on my computer, so as to make a slide show that will be projected on a screen in one corner and it will just keep recycling during the luncheon. And then tonight I put together a more old-fashioned photo album that has photos not in the slide show. That will be on a table with some other pictures, and the booklets. All that has taken time. Plus we are still hauling water, I've done some mowing and wood cutting, we had our first River Singers rehearsal Tuesday night and Concert Choir last night. No shortage of things to do! Oh, and we watched a Netflix movie, Disgrace, based on a novel by J.M. Coetzee, which takes place in South Africa. A disturbing film, but I liked it in the end. 

Tomorrow I have to make 10 egg salad sandwiches for a fund-raiser on Saturday for the Concert Choir at the Vermont Welcome Center on I-91. Supposedly, hundreds of tourists will stop and buy coffee, doughnuts, cookies and sandwiches. But it's supposed to rain Saturday! Which we need, desperately! But not on Saturday! 

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