Friday, September 23, 2016

Common Ground Fair

Yesterday, we drove over to Owl's Head, ME, and today went up to Unity, to the Common Ground Fair, now an annual event in our lives. It was raining this morning, so we were in no hurry to leave for Unity, but hoped that by arriving late, we would miss the rain. We were off by about 45 minutes. It was raining hard when we got to the parking lot, and we needed our umbrellas to make the fifteen minute walk to the fairgrounds, and it was muddy underfoot. But  shortly thereafter, it stopped raining - that was about 1:30pm. By 4pm it was sunny and windy. We were slated to meet the McKeans, but never saw them.  Cell phone didn't work. We started out in the exhibition hall, and there were some amazing squashes there. How about this one:

      Galaux di Eysines squash 

      Close - up of above! 

Pretty amazing, no?

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