Sunday, September 18, 2016

Took a tumble!

Yesterday morning, I went up to the Dummerston church to meet with the organist who would be playing at a memorial service for Sam Bunker in the afternoon - a service in which I would be leading the choir. On my way up the front steps, the tip of my sandal caught the edge of a step, and I pitched forward. It didn't seem like much of a fall, and I was surprised to see blood coming from between my little finger and my ring finger! I went into the rest room to deal with that and when I looked down I was even more surprised to see blood seeping through my pants at my knee! So I had to excuse myself for a moment and go downstairs in search of bandaids. When I pulled up my pantleg, I noticed a lump forming on my shin! What next?!  I managed to get myself cleaned up and bandaged, met with the organist, and then just had time to go home, get a bite to eat, change clothes, and get back for a 1 pm choir rehearsal. I got through the service fine, the choir sang beautifully, and I was even able to lead the choir around the aisles in When the Saints Go Marching In, singing and clapping. But by 4pm, lots of places were hurting. So I skipped the reception and went home. Eventually it became clear that my left side had gotten bruised and battered, but nothing seriously. I didn't go to Northampton with Ellen Saturday evening, nor did I go to hear Joanna Macy, environmental ethicist, give a talk in Brattleboro, which had been an option. I've rested all day today. This morning, I skipped church, and I again stayed home this afternoon while Ellen met Tamar and took her to a "gleaning" event (picking tomatoes for a food pantry), and again this evening while Ellen is at the movies. My left hand, elbow, hip, knee, shin, ankle and foot all have a complaint of one  sort or another, but I'm getting around ok and I think I'll be fairly free of aches and pains in a few days. Pretty lucky, actually. 

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