Sunday, September 4, 2016

A wonderful gift

Yesterday, six folks from the Dummerston Church came to our house and spent the morning cutting, splitting, hauling and stacking wood. They came because they knew I've been having trouble with shoulder pain and wondering how I was going to do all that. And probably just to show love and concern in our time of loss. It was a wonderful gift!

Last year, when Zac opened up the circle by taking out a bunch of trees, he left quite a pile of hardwood logs: yellow birch, black birch, maybe some maple and birch. It was probably about two cords. So they cut all that up and split the larger pieces, then hauled it up to the house. Meanwhile, Eliza and Ellen moved a stack from last year's wood to over by the door to be burned this year. Now we can stack the pile of newly cut wood into the space vacated by that move and we'll burn that next year. A good feeling! 

                    Cliff and James working on the pile. 

                            Charlie and James hauling

                         Eliza stacking 

Sam splitting by hand and Charlie operating the power splitter

                  Merrill, Sam and Cliff - the pile is going down! 

                                   The pile of new wood

                      The new stack ready for this year's burning 

                    James being an elephant. 

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