Monday, September 26, 2016

Maine scenes

We are heading home today from Maine. Ellen is buying bread at When Pigs  Fly right now and we just had fish chowder at  Bob's. Here are some scenes from our Maine visit.

Well, I started this blog on Monday, and here it Thursday night! I think I was interrupted and never got back to it. But here are those scenes:

Phil McKean standing by his boat, the Deborah Ann. It normally sits off season in the Lash Boatyard in Friendship, ME, the next town over from Cushing, but Lash went out of business after virtually a century of providing boat services, a long-standing family business, and no one has taken it over. So Phil has moved it to his house. It now sits beside the garage. It is named for Phil's wife. 

The room Ellen and I slept in (on the Murphey bed) is Jim's studio - both for music and for painting. This is one of Jim's paintings that was on the wall. I love it. 

On Monday morning, while Ellen walked to the Post Office, I walked down to the beach. It was a beautiful day, and the tide was in, the sea was shining, the colors were gorgeous. I was so glad I took a moment to walk down, 

While I was sitting by the beach, a boat went by - it was using it's engine, but with the jib up, maybe when it got out into open water, they planned to hoist the mainsail. 

After this lovely few minutes, I walked back to the house, made sure everything was packed in the car, closed the door, drove to the P.O., picked up Ellen, and we were on our way. We got home about 5:30 pm, had a bite to eat, Ellen went to an Alto sectional, and I went to the pool. It felt good to shower, use the hot tub and do a few laps. Then I picked up Ellen, we came home, and watched the debate. Just about the strangest debate I can recall ever watching. 

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