Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sunshine canyon trail

After our "southern breakfast" yesterday, we drove to the base of Sunshine Canyon Drive, the road Betsey and Rob live on, to a trail head for a number of short trails, one of them being the Sunshine Canyon Trail. It is a very popular trailhead - there are always a lot of cars parked there, and we have gone by it scores of times, but had never stopped and investigated until today. Sunshine Canyon trail does not involve much elevation. It follows a little brook for a while, and mainly just goes along above the road for about a mile until it stops at private property. We either met or were overtaken by a few other hikers/joggers, but mostly had it to ourselves. It was a perfect day for a little hike. There were still quite a few wildflowers blooming, even this late in the season. Ellen knew most of them; a few we couldn't name.

                               Sunflowers on Sunshine canyon trail

                            One we didn't recognize

                             On the trail

I counted my paces on the return trip-c. 2400 = 4800 r.t. = c. 13,000 ft. = 2.3 miles.

After our hike we came back to the house and decided to re-organize the car, which had become something of a mess. Rob and Betsey returned in the midst of that effort. After a bite to eat I went back to the Library for a while. Rob fixed a lovely supper which included delicious grilled fish, and a handsomely presented platter of vegetables. 

Tomatoes, rutabaga, beans, potatoes, olives, and deviled eggs

We watched "American Pickers" and "Master Chef" and came to bed. 

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