Sunday, August 9, 2015


Last night we all went to the Shakespeare festival performance of Othello. It was held at an outdoor theater on the University of Colorado campus. We used the wheelchair for Betsey because it was some distance from parking to the theater. Betsey wasn't feeling top notch and was ready to come home at the intermission after Act 2. I guess none of us were terribly sorry to miss the strangling of Desdemona. But it was very well acted. Both Othello and Iago were very strong. It was a beautiful evening and a real treat to see even 2 acts of Shakespeare. 

                                  The set for Othello 

                                   A view of the theater

                                   Yes, we were there!

                               The set at intermission

This morning has been low-key. Betsey has been resting, Ellen reading on the patio, and I've been editing. I 've finished a near to final draft of the Introduction to the Tolles MS. Yay!

Right now we're enjoying a slice of Boulder life - outdoor cafe, live jazz playing in background.

                             Boulder life

We're headed to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription.
Later: We went to Rite Aid, Glacier Ice Cream and Boulder Book Store.
Now we're home, going to have supper, then going to Chautauqua for final concert - Mozart Choral works. Just Ellen and me.

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