Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rafting down the Snake River

Friday we had a great time rafting down the Snake River. We took a section that had no rapids to speak of. We put in just below Hoback Jct., at the Pritchard Boat Ramp and took out downstream at the Elbow, that point in Alpine Canyon where the Snake river turns sharply west. We were on the river almost two hours. It was a beautiful day, sunny, but not too hot. The only fly in the ointment, so to speak, was that when we were pumping up the raft, Paul discovered a pin-hole leak in the floor of the raft. This meant that on the water, the floor was very spongy and water came in. It didn't prevent the raft from floating because it is held up by four side compartments, it was just sort of a bummer. However, part way into the trip I realized that the pump port was right at my feet, and that I could actually pump up the floor compartment and then keep it pumped up by working the pump now and then to keep ahead of the leak. Once I had figured that out, the trip was more pleasant for everyone, and not that much of a hassle for me. So we had a great time.

We went into the river at about 3:30 p.m. and got out at about 5:30 or so. There were logistics involved, of course. We met Paul in our car at Elbow. He had the raft and everything in his truck. We left our car at Elbow and all went to Pritchard in his truck, put in the raft and floated to Elbow. Then I stayed at Elbow and deflated the raft while Paul and Ellen drove back to Pritchard in our car, and then they both came back to Elbow, in car and truck, we loaded everything into the truck and came home. Afterward Paul treated us to supper at a very nice restaurant called the Yellowstone Garage which is just a couple of miles from Paul's house, and a very nice restaurant it is!

Here are some scenes from our trip:

We all took turns st the pump. Here is Ellen taking hers.

Paul manipulated the oars to keep us in the channel and avoid rocks

The river was fairly swift in places, placid in others

The scenery along the river was gorgeous

We went by the Snake River Sporting Club facility where Jenny works as Membership Director

We went by a fly fisherman and waved but he didn't wave back.Maybe he thought we were scaring away the trout

The ducks were unperturbed by our passing

The Yellowstone Garage dining room. Great food!


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