Thursday, August 20, 2015

A good day all around

Today was a good day - a good day for Betsey, who stayed home from work, rested and meditated in the morning, and then came downstairs and had lunch and worked on her computer, watched TV, had a good supper. She felt good and seemed stronger and had more mobility and security when she moved from place to place. Rob had a good day at work. Ellen felt good about the day too, and prepared a lovely meal tonight. She made polenta using corn I had grilled this morning, and boy was it tasty. We had a nice walk this evening. And I had a good day, working on letters for Katie this morning and then going into the library this afternoon. The books I had ordered out of storage had come in, and I got to look at them and search out quotations that are part of the MS I'm working on and confirm page numbers, accuracy, etc. I was able to clear up some uncertainties.

It is very interesting to actually look into the books that Ellen's father used as sources for his writing of the history of Colonial America some 60 years ago. It is very tempting to settle in and read them, but if I did that, I would never get through this project. So I content myself with checking out his footnotes. Since he made the footnotes for his own use, many of them are sketchy. He knew what he meant, but it has taken a lot of work for me to figure out what book he is referring to.  For example, he uses four different book titles that begin with the word Narratives. His footnote may just say "Narratives, 46"  and I've had to figure out which of those books he's referring to. I think I've got it figured out. One issue has been that his page numbers are for a particular edition, and some of his sources have gone through several editions and the one here in the U of Colorado library may not be the exact editon he used, and therefore the page numbers are different. Mostly I've been successful in finding his references. He made good notes.

Here are some of the books I looked into today.

Wouldn't you just love to read some of these books?

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