Thursday, August 13, 2015

A little quieter today

No elevator adventures today. Betsey stayed home. It was Emma's last day as a PCA, and that was emotional for Betsey. But she rested and napped and then came downstairs for supper and watching the PGA golf tournament which is being held in Wisconsin at a course called Whistling Straights, which is quite an unusual course. Very challenging. 

I went out today to get an anniversary present and card for Betsey and Rob. It will be their 29th anniversary on Sunday, the 16th. They are going to Denver for a getaway weekend in a nice hotel. Ellen and I will have the weekend for ourselves and it happens that Paul and Max are coming down on Sunday and we are meeting them at the Gateway Fun Center  on Sunday afternoon. That will be fun. Saturday, Ellen wants to go to the Boulder farmer's market but the rest of the day is unplanned. Tomorrow will be the first day since arriving that Emma won't be helping in the morning. So we'll be helping Betsey in the a.m., Rob will be taking her to P.T. on his way to work, we'll be picking her up at P.T. and taking her to work, and picking her up later to bring her home. 

This evening we got in a stroll after supper. I think someone has been working in the area where there were burned trees from the 2009 forest fire. Everything seems to be in nice piles now, like little haystacks of burned cordwood.  

Never got a chance to post yesterday. So today ended up being a pretty good day for Betsey. She went to P.T. in the morning, we picked her up there and took her to work, then we hung out downtown. Betsey had a noon meeting with a friend and we picked her up at 1pm and she had enough energy to go to Marshall's to look for a belt, which she found. Then we went home and she got a good long nap and woke up from that feeling relatively perky. Ellen prepared  a wonderful meal of delicious fish tacos - I helped by grilling corn on the cob and the fish (sole); both done just right if I say so myself (everyone agreed). After supper we talked and watched the PGA tournament. Tomorrow B&R will go to Denver in the late a.m. and we will have the weekend free. 


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