Sunday, June 28, 2015

Alarm Will Sound

We ran into a problem yesterday finding a room for the night. I didn't have cell phone data access all across Iowa, so when we found a WiFi hotspot I went online to find a room. It was about 7p.m. by now on a Sat. night. Everything was booked in two destination towns ahead of us that were at about the right distance away. So we stopped at motels along the way and they were fully booked! What was going on? So I used the Super 8 app and found a room at Sioux City in a Ramada Inn (Super 8's were all booked). We wouldn't get there until 11p.m. but we had a room. Then Murphey's law kicked in. The next two towns we went through along Rte 3 had what appeared to be virtually empty motels. Oh well! 

We got to the Ramada Inn at about 11p.m. and determined to sleep late. But at 7a.m. the alarm clock went off. I guess a previous tenant had set it and housekeeping hadn't bothered to make sure it was turned off. Ellen pushed a button (we were in a king-sized bed and the alarm clock was on her side - poor thing !) and the alarm stopped buzzing, but 10 minutes later it went offi again! I guess she had hit the "doze" button. This time she got the right button and we got a bit more sleep, maybe. But I heard housekeeping knocking on doors down the hall and realized we hadn't put out a "do not disturb" card. I got up but there was no card on the doorknob. Ellen found it later hanging on the iron. Not the first place I would think to look for it. Needless to say, we didn't get any more sleep! Fortunately, there was a decent motel buffet breakfast to compensate a bit. 

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