Friday, March 7, 2014

Then and Now

DAYS FOURTEEN and FIFTEEN: We were in Pittsburg, KS the past two days. Shirley was in Pittsburg at Kansas State Teachers College from September, 1954-June, 1955 working as a "Danny Grad," i.e., as a campus religious coordinator and adviser under the auspices of the Danforth Foundation. In November, 1954, she came to Chicago Theological Seminary for a conference; I was a first-year student there. We met, fell in love, and there ensued a voluminous correspondence over the next eight months or so, until our wedding in August 1955.  Mixed in were a few days here and there when we could actually be together. E.g., I came to Pittsburg in March, 1955, for our engagement party. That was the last time I was in Pittsburg, KS before yesterday. The college has expanded and is now Pittsburg State University.

I spent some time in the Library yesterday looking at the yearbook and student newspaper from '54-55. There is a great deal I could say, but I'll let some photos tell the story for now.

In front of Russ Hall, March, 1955
Same spot, March, 2014
In front of flag pole, March, 1955

Same spot, 2014
On brick wall, March, 1955
Same spot, 2014
Thanks to Ellen for taking the 2014 photos! The physical scene in front of Russ Hall, the main administration building, was sort of eerily unchanged, except for some missing trees and vegetation. 

I went to a walk-in clinic this morning and found out I have bronchitis. So I'm on an antibiotic. Hope it does the trick!

We're in Tulsa, OK tonight.

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