Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Crucible

DAY TWENTY-TWO: Katie was great in the opera last night. She had the role of Tituba, the slave woman,  in the opera The Crucible by 20th-century composer Robert Ward. The opera is based upon the play by Arthur Miller, and it had considerable power. She had an aria in Act 1 and a short one in Act 4, and she sang and acted well in a demanding role.When I try to upload a video of her performance, I keep getting an error message. So I'll just put up some photos.

Katie in Act I: she is center stage; in the home of Rev. Parrish

Katie in Act IV: in jail awaiting execution for witchcraft

After the performance

We'll see her again tonight in a second performance of the opera, with a different cast in most of the key roles. But she is playing Tituba in both performances. I'm glad we get to hear it again - it will mean even more the second time, I'm sure.


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