Tuesday, March 18, 2014


DAY TWENTY-FIVE: We are in Sidney, NE and awakened this morning to heavy snow and gale-force winds! We learned that I-80 was closed in Wyoming. So there was nothing to do but hang out a while. The WiFi at the motel was totally unreliable, so we checked out and headed for breakfast at Perkins Restaurant, not sure just what we would do. At breakfast we had a good connection and got up-to-date information on both weather later in the day and current road conditions. It looked like things would improve later in the day. At the restaurant the battery in the computer got low enough to shut it down, with no outlet to charge it, so we left the restaurant and headed for the public library, which is where we are now.  Here we have had a good connection, and a place to charge (all these little details which make all the difference these days!!), and we've made motel reservations in Laramie for tonight. It looks as though travel on I-80 will be ok by late afternoon/evening. We'll be 150 miles closer to Alpine, which will make for a shorter trip on Wednesday and get us into Alpine, we hope, by suppertime. So we're reading and staying safe and warm for the moment.

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