Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Max the Dragon

DAY THIRTY-THREE: Monday we went with Max to his Taekwando class, which for his age is called "Little Dragons," led by Master Todd. It meets at the Etna Community Center, just a few miles down the road. It is a former school building remodeled into a very nice community center. Max is five - he'll be six in June. He seems to enjoy the class. Master Todd leads them through something like "Simon Says" in which he commands them to assume a position, but they are supposed to do it only if he first says, "Master says......."  Max does pretty well on that (several of the boys always did it, no matter what). Master Todd was good; he struck a nice balances between expecting discipline and allowing freedom. The hardest thing was a backward somersault. And of course they do kicks. The boys (and one girl) like that. He was liberal in saying, "Good job!" The class lasts 1/2 hour - just right, I would say. We'll go again today.

Here are some scenes:

Gathering in the hall. Max is in striped shirt

Note Max's hands. Not bad!!

Master Todd and his Little Dragons

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