Monday, February 4, 2013

Where we are, what we do

So, we are at the home of Paul, Jenny and Max Baker in Alpine, WY. Paul built the house himself four years ago. They got a lot of snow just before we arrived and even though it has melted some, it's still pretty deep.

Paul's house in Alpine, WY

 We try to take a walk every day, and we get lovely views like this one in the late afternoon:
The view from above Paul's house

Sunday mornng when we got up, we discovered the world had been transformed. A freezing mist had covered every twig with hoar frost:

Hoar frost on the trees next to Paul's house

We got ourselves organized and went to church with Max at the Star Valley United Church, which is Presbyterian/Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Star Valley United Church

It is a small congregation but very friendly. The pastor, Rev. Steve Crittenden, took advantage of it's being Super Bowl Sunday and the fact that the two coaches, John and Jim Harbaugh, are brothers - a unique situation which, he said, creates "a very theological Super Bowl." He imagined watching the game through the eyes of their parents, knowing that one of their boys would be happy, and the other disappointed. The parents had been asked by an interviewer what they would do after the game. They responded - "we'll celebrate with the son who wins, but we'll be with the son who loses." That, said Pastor Steve, is an analogy for the way God looks at humanity.

After church we went to the Alpine Market to get some last minute snacks.

Max helps Ellen pick out some snacks
After we got home, Jenny created a little ski run on the berm in front of their house, and encouraged Max to try out his skis. He was more interested in using his sled.

Fun on the sled

Ellen and I took another walk and marveled at the birches against the snow and blue, blue sky.

Beautiful birches

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