Saturday, February 9, 2013

Paul's work site

Friday we went to visit Paul's work site. He is the Site Manager for a company called OSM (On-Site Management) at a $3 million custom home project outside of Jackson, WY, near Wilson, WY. The house is a modern, concrete and steel affair with two huge decks at either end, and spectacular views. We are awed by the complexity of the project and the amount of detail Paul has had to master to keep on top of what is happening. He has to order materials, maintain a tight schedule, oversee what the sub-contractors are doing each day to make sure it is right, do constant problem-solving and in many cases help design details that the architect has failed to provide. He has a great skill in organization plus a great deal of field experience in having built two of his own homes, but nothing on this scale before and steel and concrete is a new type of consctruction for him, so he's learning a lot on the job. He has the respect both of his boss and the workers on site. It's a demanding, challenging and often exhausting work, but it's a good job. He expects the owners can take occupancy by July this summer - may when we come next we can see the finished product.

Here is an architect's rendering of the house:


 And here how it actually looks as of now:

It looks bigger from the south side:

This is an interior shot of the living room fireplace.

 After we had lunch with Paul at Nora's Fish Creek Inn  in Wilson,

We went up into Grand Teton National Park  and walked a bit on a ski trail

And got a nice view of the Tetons.

Today we went to Idaho Falls - all five of us. Paul and Jenny had some shopping to do for their house at Loew's and Home Depot and Sam's Club. We ate at an all-you-can-eat buffet placed called Chuck-O-Rama. It's a good deal for sure, but I restrained myself, as did the others.

Chuck-O-Rama - nobody we know

When we got home,  I watched UNC play #8 Miami in  basketball  (UNC is unranked) - we had recorded it. Just as well - UNC got tromped 87-61 or something like that, so I could fast forward and reduce the pain. The Miami team had four seniors and one Junior. UNC has two freshmen, two sophs and one senior.  Big difference in experience. UNC is building and improving, but they were outclassed in this game.

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