Monday, February 11, 2013

The trip home

We left Alpine this morning - said our goodbyes to Paul, Jenny and Max. We had a lovely visit and we hope to return in July.  Over the weekend we "babysat" Max while Paul and Jenny went to a Chamber of Commerce event at which Jenny was feted as "Person of the Year" for all the volunteer work she has put into the Star Valley Chamber. We were proud of Jenny and Max was a sweetie.

This morning was very cold. It was -17 degrees when we got up. It took a while to get the car warmed up. But I got it loaded up and we were off before 9a.m.  It was a gorgeous day - not a cloud in the sky. The mist off the river created hoar frost on the trees which were beautiful against the snow and sky.

 When we got to Grand Teton N.P., the mountains were clearer than I had ever seen them. Spectacular!

Togwotee Pass is a snowmobiler mecca - as evidenced by these patterns in the snow.

Somewhere along the way, a truck kicked gravel onto our windshield and caused a crack. We decided to stop in Riverton, WY at a little auto glass repair shop to get it fixed. We lucked out - the owner was able to take us in immediately.

His son normally works with him and restores cars in his spare time. He has a passion for Chevvie Malibus. Looks like he has his work cut out for him!

Tonight we are in Lusk, WY.

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