Friday, February 1, 2013

Road Food

Effie's Oat Cakes - Yum!!
We haven't said much about food as yet. Actually, we like our little snacks out of our box in the car - string cheese or cheddar cheese on an Ak-mak cracker, an Effie's oat cake with peanut butter (we LOVE Effie's oat cakes), a handful of nuts, a square of dark chocolate. 

But we love looking for Roadfood restaurants (that's Michael and Jane Stearns' book which we  find usually sends us to interesting, locally noteworthy, restaurants).

Heid's Diner in Liverpool, NY
Our first Roadfood stop was at Heid's in Liverpool, NY. It is famous for its hot dogs. It was a classic Art Deco diner.

We stopped in Oberlin, OH at one of our favorite restaurants, the Aladdin Eatery which should be in Roadfood  but isn't - a middle eastern restaurant with fabulous falafel cakes and lentil soup.
Falafel cakes at the Aladdin

Actually everything there is scrumptious. We hoped Arthur Davis might walk in while we were there but then realized  he was probably still on break.

 Next door to the Aladdin is a Ben Franklin 5 & 10 which in addition to the usual variety store stock has a great used and new book store. We always make a stop there if it's open.

Ben Franklin cum bookstore in Oberlin, OH

Grove Cafe Breakfast Menu

Grove Cafe, Ames, Iowa - Ellen in window

The BIG pancake

Our next Roadfood stop wasn't until the Grove Cafe in Ames, IA (home of Iowa State University). It is famous for its frisbee-sized pancake. Ellen got one. It was so big, I had to help her eat it. 

We also had breakfast in Schaumburg, IL in a Richard Walker's restaurant - Ellen had her usual Dutch Baby pancake (also huge). And we ate at the Good Earth Cafe in Minneapolis with our friend Arleene Sweet. That's been it for special food so far - a little thin in the Roadfood department, but not too bad overall. 

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