Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paul's work

DAY 33: Tuesday, August 7th we drove up to Jackson, WY and visited Paul's worksite. Paul works as a site manager for a company called OSM (On Site Management). He is currently managing a multi-million-dollar home construction job, a modern concrete and steel home outside Jackson near Wilson, WY. He is the guy who is "on the ground" as they say today, there at the site day after day, making sure everything is done the way it is supposed to be done. He interfaces with the architects, all the sub-contractors, workers, his own management team and the clients. It is a huge, complicated job which requires incredible attention to detail, constantly evaluating the process and updating it, often drawing plans which the architect has failed to provide, solving problems that arise on the spot, etc. We were impressed and Ellen is pretty proud of her son! It seems to be the perfect job for him which fully utilizes all his experience building two houses, but also uses his organizational skills. Here is a photo of an architects rendering of the final product, a shot of a set of plans, and a current on-site view of work in progress.

Artist's rendering of house

Site plan

Work in progress

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