Saturday, August 4, 2012


DAYS 28-30: These have been lovely days just staying close to "home" at Paul and Jenny's. Max has been a homebody too - we asked him what he wanted to do most and he said, "just stay home and play." So that's what we've done, and boy have we enjoyed that.  We've had some lovely meals on the back deck in the evening - both Jenny and Ellen have prepared some fine food.

We went to the Alpine Farmer's Market, which is a small affair compared to Brattleboro, but for us it featured The Day Lodge Farm Stand - the "Day Lodge" being the place where Jenny works. Today we drove to Etna (4 miles) and got a creamie - Wow!- that's been the pace.

 Ellen and I have enjoyed short walks up the hill behind the house. Also, all along, I've been working hard on the "Tolles Project" -- transcribing the 278-page manuscript that Ellen's father, Frederick B. Tolles,  created back in the late 1950's - a history of early colonial America that has never seen the light of day before - but my hope is that now it will, at least for the Tolles family. I finished Chapter 3 today - about the Puritans and the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Very interesting! 215 pages down, only 63 to go!

We've watched quite a bit of the Olympics too. 

Tomorrow we'll take Max to church at the United Church of Star Valley, where he LOVES the nursery playroom, and we like the pastor,  Rev. Steve Crittendon. We're scheduled to stay in a cabin in Yellowstone N.P. Wed. and Thurs. of next week, and then we start the long trek home.

"Home" in Alpine, WY
Jenny, Ellen, Paul and Max at Market
Just after a berry-yogurt popsicle

Max & Truck

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