Monday, August 13, 2012

Beautiful Highways

DAY 39: In Indianola tonight. Today we drove from Ainsworth, NE along Route 20 to U.S. 275, stopped for a picnic out of our food box at a park in Wisner, NE, down to Blair, NE, across the wide Missouri over an historic bridge, to Missouri Valley, IA,  up the Lincoln Highway (U.S. 30) for a bit and along a scenic byway to Elkhorn, IA and then down to Atlantic, IA and across IA 92 to Indianola. What a beautiful drive through the Loess Hills of Iowa, through Danish villages, by many corn and soybean fields (sadly, some heavily damaged by drought), and a huge windfarm. A lovely day.

Picnic in the park

Danish windmill in Elkhorn, IA

"The Little Mermaid" replica in Kimballton, IA

Iowa countryside

Windfarm near Atlantic, IA

Vintage postcard of the Blair Bridge over the Missouri

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