Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back in Alpine

DAY 27: We're back in Alpine after our trip to Boise and Salem. All went well. Monday, in Boise,  we participated in a conference sponsored by the Idaho End-of-Life Coalition (a.k.a. the Idaho Quality of Life Coalition). Ellen and I  spoke briefly as a part of a presentation by the Boise Hospice Singers, and we joined in the singing. The event took place in the student center at Boise State College, so we got to see a bit of Boise State.

Yesterday before leaving Boise we visited a Human Rights Memorial dedicated to Anne Franck which has a large number of quotations carved into stone drawn from many individuals and traditions  - all lifting up the importance of human rights and dignity.  We were glad we made the visit. Be sure to revisit the Thomas Condon post - I've added some photos.

The trip back to Alpine yesterday was hot! We have been seeing temperatures consistently in the 90's over the much of the trip. But as we came into Alpine, the temp dropped to 70. Last night we had very nice air.  It is bright and sunny today but the air is still low humidity and cooler.

Idaho Human Rights Memorial
Sample quotations

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