Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last day in Alpine

DAY 34: Today was our last full day in Alpine. Tomorrow we leave for Yellowstone Park where we'll have two nights at Roosevelt Lodge, our favorite place in Yellowstone. It will be sad to leave Max, Paul and Jenny. But there is some hope that we'll be getting together again either here or in Vermont for Ellen's 70th birthday coming up in November. We'll hope!!

There's been some talk of trying to connect with Ryan and Alicia McQuen (whom I married on July 13th) as they drive west to Everett, WA and we drive east.  Not sure it will work, but we might cross paths in Montana somewhere and maybe at least wave at each other. Alicia has landed her "dream job" with the Snohomish County Public Health Department as a Disease Intervention Specialist in her field of tuberculosis. Congratulations Alicia!! Big changes in their lives! Good luck to them.

Ellen and I took a walk up Granite Canyon in Teton N.P. yesterday. It wasn't a long hike - 3 miles r.t., but that was about right for me. It was pretty warm, but not too bad. We saw an unusual wildflower on the hike which we later learned was called pinedrops. 

Afterward we went to Victor, ID and Ellen had her favorite ice cream milkshake -a huckleberry shake at The Emporium, made with huckleberry ice cream and real, wild huckleberries. Yum!!
Not sure when the next post will be -- I think Yellowstone is basically a cell phone and Wi-Fi free zone.  Yay!

It is also a TV-free zone for the most part - so goodbye Olympics. Hello bison, elk, wolves, beautiful scenery, streams, late summer wildflowers, and maybe even a bear!

Huckleberry Milkshake

The Emporium, Victor, Idaho

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