Friday, February 2, 2018

Wheaton College Library

Friday, I got up in good season and made the half-hour drive to the Buswell Library at Wheaton College; got there by 9:30a.m. Why did I go? Well, I'm re-visiting my 1966 doctoral dissertation, The Old Testament in the Gospel of Luke, and I have been aware that recently there has been a little upswing in the number of citations of my work in books and articles. Sort of amazing after 50 years! Wheaton is the closest college to Bartlett with a good biblical library, plus Rob went there, and I had never seen the campus. I had a great time. There were hundreds of books in the stacks about the Gospel of Luke, and in the four or so hours I was there, I found 15 relatively recent ones that cited my work, some extensively! And mostly favorably (though a couple were mildly critical). And that was just scratching the surface. One of them was an unpublished dissertation from 1995 that was housed in Special collections in the Billy Graham Center, a huge building which includes a museum devoted to the life of Billy Graham (Wheaton is an evangelical Christian college). Not my usual environment! The opening pages of this 1995 dissertation by Thomas S. Moore discusses my dissertation at length! Totally amazing!  So I guess you could say I was on to something. Pure luck.

                             The Billy Graham Center

Friday evening we went to the Costello's for a Crockett-clan gathering. A very nice event. They live in Algonquin. Brendon has just made the decision to leave Fed Ex and take on opening a Chicago branch of a Cleveland-based company started by a brilliant Pakistani Muslim immigrant. Big opportunity and big risk. Two of the partners of the Pakistani founder are Irish Catholics, like Brendon. He was very impressed with the whole ethos and values of the company. 

                     Going into the Costello's house 

                                            The Crockett clan 

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