Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trip to Maine

Our trip yesterday went well until about 5-6 pm when it started to rain, and then got into mixed precipitation, poor visibility, etcetera. So the last two hours or so were sort of a strain for Ellen. We got to Jim and Mary's at about 8 pm. The driveway was icy so I wore my cleats just to unload the car. I was glad I had brought them!  J&M didn't get back from their dance till almost 11pm. They were slowed by weather too.

Coming over, we stopped for gas and a truck pulled in the other side of the pump and I found myself looking out the car window at a huge, very enticing sandwich! Trucks didn't used to be the murals they are today. I can't help but wonder if there might be a down side to that. 

         View at the gas pump

Later, we stopped at the WPF bread outlet - beautiful loaves and great-tasting bread. 

Some kind of fruit and nut bread - like blueberry walnut or something like that. I love that kind of bread!

  Chocolate bread - it's good, but almost like cake. We didn't get any.

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