Monday, February 26, 2018

A trip to the Farnsworth

Saturday, we went to one of our most favorite art museums - second only to the Hallie Ford museum in Salem, OR - the Farnsworth in Rockland, ME. We got there at 3:10pm, and learned it closed early that day - at 4pm. But that was ok because (1) several galleries were between shows and closed and (2) they gave us two free passes for the next visit. So we essentially got in free. There were four galleries open, two of which were of special interest: Louise Nevelson and a special exhibit devoted to Andrew's Wyeth's painting, Her Room. Both these artists have a long- standing relationship with the Farnsworth. The Nevelson exhibit featured not only outstanding examples of her sculptures, but also several wonderful photographs by Pedro Guerrera, who was given extraordinary access both to her and her work. He is perhaps best known for his work with Frank Lloyd Wright. The Wyeth exhibit featured the original painting and many studies relating to it.

      A view of the Her Room exhibit

      The original Her Room painting 

         One of the Her Room studies -- notice the shells on the window sill. 

       Louise Nevelson by Pedro Guerrera

An early Nevelson using found objects 

Found wooden blocks painted black
(The blue rectangle is an unavoidable reflection).

A more monumental set for a theatrical production of Orfeo et Eurydice.

       A piece inspired by a wedding

There were some other finds as well. I loved the serenity of this 1901 landscape by Roy Homer (related to Winslow Homer ? Don't know.)

              Penobscot Bay, Maine

I also loved this sketch of the interior of an old meetinghouse by Andrew Wyeth.