Thursday, February 8, 2018

Nice time with Ben

Today, Ellen and I went down to U Mass and went to a lecture with Ben and then had supper with him at one of the university dining rooms. The lecture was given by Jim Sipes, on  Creating a Geospatial World. I'll report more fully on the lecture tomorrow, but it had a lot to do with autonomous electric cars. To his credit, Sipes at least takes climate change seriously.

We had a good meal. I had a very tasty stir-fry, where you assembled the ingredients yourself. We learned a lot about Ben's courses. He is really enjoying himself. He especially likes Computational Physics. Hard but fun! He is also taking English Comp, and described himself as an "aggressively average" writer. We enjoyed our time with him. 

          Ben at dinner at U Mass

The "stir-fry station." You assemble ingredients and staff cooks them while you watch. 

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