Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We're in Van Wert, OH

We are at the end of the 2nd day of our trip. We left home about 10:40am Monday and got to Swarthmore at 6:30pm. We hit some heavy traffic around NYC. We had pizza with Wallace, Sarah and Harry. Ellen and Wallace stayed up late, talking. We left this morning at about 8:30, took the PA Turnpike. I wanted to stop in Canton, OH, to see if I could find a former minister of the Guilford church  whom I had been unsuccessful in contacting by phone or email: the Rev. Benjamin Huang, who served in Guilford 1963-66. He served the Dummerston church at the same time. He was born in Taiwan.

I found him! He is 85 years old, lives alone, though two daughters are nearby. He is in reasonably good shape, and we had a good visit. I was very glad to make contact and know that he is alive. He attends a Friend's Evangelical Church "every Sunday," he said. He remembered several people from the churches by name, but many have died. 

                     The Rev. Benjamin Huang

We left Canton at 5 pm. My grandparents  are buried in Canton, and I wish we had had time to visit their graves. But we are on sort of a tight schedule. We got to Van Wert at about 8:30, and are in the Guest Keeper Inn, which is very satisfactory. Along the way I read aloud from Karen Armstrong's Islam, A Short History (very informative), and listened to lectures on The American Mind, an intellectual history.  Very interesting!  We ate out of our box of food, including homemade bread Harry made for us, and leftover pizza from last night. 

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