Thursday, June 22, 2017

Soccer camp

Today was the next-to-last day for soccer. I would say that Max has had mixed feelings about it. Yesterday he complained that "someone took the ball away from him" and today that "someone beat him up." I heard Paul explaining to him that "that's soccer." But on the other hand, they had an assignment today to report three facts about their team country (each team of five kids had to choose a country. Max's team is Indonesia). Max reported that Indonesia is made up of 17,000 islands, 700 languages are spoken in Indonesia and it is the fourth most populous nation in the world. He spoke up clearly and Coach Mark said "good job." So I think he enjoyed that aspect of the camp. Much of the camp is also about " life skills," like respect, paying attention, discipline, etc. So he's gotten something out of it, I'm sure. 

       Coach Mark giving directions

     The kids listen with foot on ball

       Break time

     What a day and setting for soccer!

The coach shouts RESPECT! and the kids holler back "RESPECT - Shhhh! and give him their attention. 

The assignment for tomorrow is to make an Indonesian flag.

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