Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Glacier N.P.

We had a full day yesterday. I actually made a 4- mile r.t. Hike, much of which was pretty steep. My knee is complaining a bit but not too bad. The Road to the Sun road is closed by snow, so you can't do the whole trip. Thus we decided to go to East Glacier , stopping on the way for our hike, then going on to Glacier Park Lodge, one of the classic lodges, then to Two Medicine Lake for a short hike to some falls , back to W. Glacier for supper. In the car we had Mimi, Ben and Tamar, and we played Contact over and over, another word game. A person who is it, thinks of a word and gives the first letter. The others ask questions. Let's say the word is camel. First letter "c." Someone #2 asks, e.g., "Is it a guy out west on a horse?" The it person says,  "it's not a cowboy." Then questioning continues. But if it can't think of an answer, and another player #3 thinks #2 is thinking of. "Cowboy", #3 says "contact," and counts down 3-2-1 and if #2 and #3 then simultaneously say "cowboy" together before #1 can say anything that would reasonably answer the question (they could say "cowhand" for example), #1 then has to give the second letter of their word ("a") and play continues. It's sort of complex but once you get the hang of it, quite fun. Allowances are made if #1 hasn't the slightest idea what the question means. 

I took a lot of ohotos, here are some:

Bear Grass - the iconic wildflower here

          Two Medicine Lake

            Glacier Park Lodge
     Lobby of the lodge

      Classic Red Bus

    Paul, Max and Tamar in a HUGE chair

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