Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Alpine days

So, now we are at Alpine, taking Max to soccer camp, which he seems to be enjoying, and just hanging out, etc. Ellen fixed supper last night - meat loaf, cauliflower/mashed potatoes, fresh green beans - Yum!

Paul is just starting a respite from his very stressful job, a respite which may just be permanent. The house that has occupied him for the last year or more is finished, and OSM does not have an immediate new one for him. Which is good, because he wants to spruce up their house and put it on the market! So changes are in the air in Alpine. Stay tuned.

Right now, the lupine would probably sell the house in a heartbeat:

Lupine in its glory at Paul and Jenny's house
Lupine up close
Today after soccer camp we stopped at Hederlie Farms for some herbs. They have two very friendly turkeys there who come right up to investigate. Max was fascinated:

Max and turkeys

Yes, guys, you are beautiful!

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