Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trip to Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is about 70 miles from Alpine. It is not a particularly charming city, though there are some nice parks and neighborhoods. Mostly it is commercial sprawl. Paul and Jenny go now and then to buy bulk - berries, nuts, granola bars, laundry soap, etc. -  and just for a change. First stop was Barnes & Noble bookstore, then Applebee's for lunch, then Sam 's Club for bulk. 

Going to Idaho Falls makes you realize that Alpine is in a narrow snow belt. Very little snow in Idaho Falls. 

Snowless fields outside Idaho Falls with wind farm in distance. 

It is a nice drive coming back along the Snake River and Palisades Reservoir . 

We went by the ruins of an LDS church that burned down in December. Quite a spectacular fire at the time.  

The reservoir through the trees

My one purchase - a jar of 500 Vitamin E capsules. A 17-month supply. 

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