Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Library times

Yesterday, we were hit with a sudden violent sleet storm that turned into a heavy snowfall and my computer was attacked by a scam ZEUS virus alert. Both happened while I was at the Library 

The scam virus alert was bizarre. I was working on my computer when suddenly the screen turned red and a loud male voice started to inform me that my computer had been invaded by a ZEUS virus, that if I tried to close the screen, my hard drive would be deleted immediately, that if I did not act quickly, it would be deleted in five minutes (a digital clock popped up and started counting down the seconds ), and I was to call the number displayed on the screen immediately for information to prevent this catastrophe! This had all the earmarks of a scam, so the first thing I did was turn off Airport and sever my connection to the Internet. I couldn't call the number provided if I had wanted to because my cell phone was out of range. Plus, I had to meet Max's school bus in a few minutes, and I wasn't going to leave him stranded in a blizzard (it was coming down hard). So I just closed the computer and left, hoping for the best.

Later, at home, I shut the computer down and rebooted it. The virus alert screen had disappeared and the hard drive hadn't deleted. Then I went online and read about the ZEUS virus scam, which has been around for some time, but it was new to me. Sigh! 

The new-fallen snow is beautiful. We were thinking of leaving today but storms are forecast for the upper Midwest, so we'll wait a bit. 

                          View of new-fallen snow

Today has been quiet. I slept late, Ellen has had a fairly quiet day. I made a brief visit to the Library again  -  no viruses today - and now Jenny is fixing supper. This evening I hope to watch UNC play Louisville. They are ranked #8 and #7 respectively, so it should be a close game, which either team could win. I'll be rooting for the TarHeels and missing Betsey because I would have texted her, "Go Heels," and she would have texted back. A big hole ! 

Betsey is smiling! Arch-enemy Duke lost to Syracuse in a last-second three-pointer and the Heels beat Louisville, a higher-ranked team, 74-63. Go Heels! 

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