Sunday, February 12, 2017

Family gathering

We just had a lovely family gathering at Maggie and Jerry's. Sadly, I did not think to take any photos! I'm getting a bit absent-minded in my old age!!  But we had a good time anyway in a photoless sort of way. Daniel was here, Becky, Tristan and Samantha, and Peter and Lori, who came directly from a piano and guitar recital that two of their grandchildren (Ronan and Moira) were in - held at the local Riverboat Casino. Ronan played the Star Spangled Banner on the electric guitar. Shades of Jimmy Hendrix! Suzy and Dennis went to a concert at Rivinia tonight, so they were not here, but they came by last evening and had supper with us. We learned a lot about what is happening in people's lives.

Perhaps the most interesting is Samantha Crockett, who has just taken a job as a staff assistant to Raja Krishnamoorthi, the newly elected Representative from the 8th District in Chicago to the U.S. Congress, the first Indian-American in the Congress and a rising star in the Democratic Party. She works at his office in Schaumburg, IL. It is obviously a very interesting job. Krishnamoorthi has a connection with Barack Obama going back at least to 2000, when he was a staffer for Obama's Congressional campaign. He has been in the Congress less than a month and is already a ranking member of an important Sub-Committee. We'll be hearing more about him I'm sure.

Tristan is working now at the University of Chicago, near my old stomping grounds, when I was at CTS.  He has an hour commute on the train, and Samantha has an hour-and-a-half commute, part bus, part train. They will be moving in June to an apartment that will make both of their commutes somewhat easier - his shorter, hers only by train, which will eliminate standing on cold corners waiting for a bus. 

Peter works in Glenview, IL right now, but his office will be moving soon. However, he is looking forward to retirement in another year and a half or so. When Ellen asked what he was looking forward to in retirement, he said, "Not going to work!" He and Lori will leave in a couple of weeks for a week-long winery tour in Oregon.

Becky is still doing home care. She has been using the laundromat for years to do her wash but now has just gotten a washer/dryer for the house. Suzy and Dennis will leave soon for a trip to visit Ryan and Alicia in Everett, WA. Daniel's life is pretty stable at the moment.

Ellen is feeling some better tonight. We will be here tomorrow and head out for Wyoming on Tuesday. Our understanding is that it will be clear sailing, weather-wise.

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