Monday, February 20, 2017

Presidents Day in Jackson

Jenny and Paul both had to work today, but Max had a school holiday, so he and Ellen and I decided to go up to Jackson to the Recreation Center pool. Everybody had the same idea - it was jam-packed with kids. But Max had a blast. He spent a lot of time doing the water slide and playing with the basketball. A favorite move was to stand at the edge of the pool and throw the ball into the basket as you jumped into the pool. Then they opened up the diving board to kids, and all on his own, he went up to the head life guard and asked if you had to be a certain age to dive, and she said " No, but you have to pass a swimming test." Max asked if he could take the test, and he did, and passed. Ellen meanwhile was looking for him, and first thing she knew, there he was on the diving board. 
He did a bellyflop and a backflop, but he had fun! 

     Max with basketball

    Going after the ball

    The water slide

Meanwhile, I did some swimming and water aerobics and frequent trips to the hot tub. We all had a good time! 

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