Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trip to the ER

Well, my elbow wasn't behaving the way I thought it should - weeping a lot of fluid for over two days, soaking through a lot of gauze bandages, so when we went to Sarah and Harry's this morning for breakfast, Harry looked at it and suggested I have an M.D. take a look at it (he himself is a DDS), and he suggested the Delaware County Memorial Hospital ER, where he had had a good experience when he badly cut his hand a while back, so off we went at about 11 am.  It ended up that we were there until 3pm.

                     ER waiting room at DCMH

They did a lot. The looked at the wound, determined that the fluid was coming from the bursa, which was ruptured.  They gave me a tetanus shot and  put me on antibiotic.  They X-rayed the elbow, saw something ambiguous and X-rayed the other elbow to make a comparison and detected a possible slight fracture in the left elbow and urged a follow-up appointment back home with an orthopedist, ASAP;  re-wrapped the elbow and sent me off with a CD of the X-rays to take home. They were all very nice and I was glad I went. Harry was very sweet, helped me in and out of shirts and jackets, brought me lunch in the ER, basically took care of me. Thank you Harry! 

Ellen and Sarah met Wallace for lunch, and this evening Ellen met her goddaughter, Ruth, for supper. Both meals at the Swarthmore Inn.  Ellen had a good time. I stayed home alone at Wallace's this evening, glad to just be quiet.

But now our trip out West  may have to be postponed. I'll call Dr. McLarney tomorrow and see if I can get an appt (she is hard to see on short notice). Postponing the trip will be a disappointment - not the scenario we would have chosen. But these things happen.

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