Monday, January 2, 2017

The New Year!

New Year's Eve we went to our favorite concert of the year! The Peter and Mary Alice Amidon, Keith and Becky Tracy, their son Aiden, and Emmy Miller and Jessie Milnes. Lots of great fiddle playing, and four-part harmonies. It is an annual affair in the Baptist Church. A real Brattleboro family party. 

 Aiden, Becky Tracy and Keith Murphy. Keith is playing a harmonium. 

Becky, Emmy, Mary Alice, Peter, Jesse, Keith and Aiden. 

It was a great concert. And when we came out into the frosty night we were met with this lovely sight of Centre Church:

Afterward we went to a little New Year's Eve party at the home of Dan and Laura Hoskins. I used to sing with Laura in the Dummerston Church Quartet. We haven't seen them for ages. The other guests were not folks we knew. One of them had brought the latest game rage: Cards Against Humanity. It is a game in which you take turns drawing a card that asks a question and each person holds a hand of ten cards from which they select an answer. The one asking the question decides the "best" answer. The catch is that the cards are outrageously naughty and politically incorrect. So it was hilarious if you put aside all modesty. I'll spare you examples.

We stayed through the midnight hour, came home and went to bed. New Years Day was church and Dummerston Choir; John and Cynthia were there but C was feeling a bit under the weather. Our friend Calvin came home with us for lunch. Late in the day I took a poinsettia to Margery Evans, a 99- year old in Guilford. I hadn't seen Margery for years - we had a nice visit. The rest of the day was sitting by the fire listening to music.

Happy New Year to all! 

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