Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gingerbread houses

Sunday, Jan 8th, Mimi and Tamar came to the house in the afternoon to make gingerbread houses. We picked them up in Greenfield after church. Ellen had shopped for candy on Sat. and stayed up late making gingerbread. So all was in readiness. The girls had a lovely time. Both were quite creative in making and decorating the houses. Here are some scenes:

     Tamar making walls and roofs

               Tamar's walls

            Mimi applying icing

      A birds' eye view from the balcony

      Mimi's walls, with window boxes

Here are the completed houses:

         Tamar's, from the front ....

          ..... the side ......

      ..... and the back.

       The artist and her house!

          Mimi's from the front.

      The artist and her house! 

We had a little supper after all that work, took the girls back to Greenfield where we met Julie, then came home and cleaned up!! 

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