Monday, January 16, 2017

A hard fall is going to reign

Today is a day of preparation for a 3-week trip to Wyoming. I am moving slower than usual because last evening after our Brahms concert, I sat on a chair that was on the top riser,  and it was closer to the back edge than I realized and the chair, with me on it, tipped backward and crashed to the floor about 4 feet below. Amazingly, I didn't break anything, but I got a gash in my left elbow that I didn't even realize was there 'till I got home and discovered it. That is sore - and a hard spot to heal because it is constantly flexing. I ache in some other spots too. This is the third time I've fallen in two weeks, which is disturbing. Each has an "explanation," but still.....I wonder what's going on. Each was a fairly hard fall - I guess at my age, every fall is a hard fall - and in each case, I got bruised but nothing broken. Lucky!

So, I'll be dealing with the effects of these falls for a while - mainly just moving slowly because of aches and pains, and also being extra careful not to fall again. At least I can't fall while sitting in the car! I'll probably be taking Vitamin-I for a while  (Ibuprofan). 

The fall was the unfortunate end to a very good concert. We had a virtually sold- out house, and we sang well. The audience expressed a lot of appreciation, collectively and individually. Yesterday was actually quite a day. We went to church, then I sang two solos at a 1pm funeral service for an old-time Guilford resident who is related to half the people in town (the church was packed); then we went to the concert. On my feet for a lot of time, climaxing in a 70 minute non-stop performance - the Brahms Requiem is demanding in that way. There are no breaks for the chorus while  soloists sing - they sing with the chorus. That's why I sat on that chair! I was tired. Should have checked the position of the legs first!

Today has been a day of organizing, packing, preparing the house to be unoccupied. We turned in the "hold mail" request. Outstanding bills are paid. Zac has been notified. Etc. 

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