Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Out to lunch

Today we went out to lunch with Luther and Diane Durgin at the Whetstone Station Brew Pub in Brattleboro. I've known Luther for almost 60 years. He's a bit older. He both preceded me and followed me as pastor of the Dummeston church back in 1956-57. I was summer pastor in 1956, he then took over in September when I went back to seminary for my third year, and then I took over after his year at the DCC when i returned to become the regular pastor in June of 1957. Diane is also a pastor, and was the interim minister at Centre Church in Brattleboro back when Shirley and I were still at the Guilford Church. They are now retired and live in Winchester, NH. We have a lot in common and enjoy seeing them from time to time. They, like us, are dealing with questions of where to live in these later retirement years. It was our first time at this restaurant under its newest incarnation and we liked it.

                 The view from our table at the Whetstone Station Pub. 

The view out the window is of the Connecticut River, the bridge to New Hampshire, and Wantastiquet Mountain. 

                              Luther and Diane Durgin

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